Civil Law

At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd we deal with a vast number of areas of civil law throughout Scotland.

A high number of the actions we deal with at Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd are civil court actions such as interdicts. We have successfully raised and opposed a vast number of interdict and non-harassment actions throughout the Scottish courts.

At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd we strive to provide legal advice which offers pragmatic and practical solutions which are tailored to each client’s needs. We regularly advise on a number of aspects of civil law in Scotland such as; interdict, anti-social behaviour orders, eviction and debt.  

At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd we understand that dealing with a civil matter may be an extremely difficult time for you. This may be a time where you are wary of involving a solicitor in your civil matter. We understand the sensitive and emotional elements involved in civil matters and during this time we will work closely with you to find the best solution available to you.

We understand at Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd that you may be cautious of involving solicitors in your legal affairs due to the fear of incurring high legal costs. At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd you may be eligible for Legal Aid.  We operate a Legal Aid system which will be discussed with you at your first consultation. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, all fees are to be discussed with you prior to any work carried out on your behalf. We operate a system which ensures you have control over the process before we undertake any work on your behalf.