Criminal Defence

Duncan & McConnell Solicitors have vast experience in all areas of criminal law. We appear in the criminal courts in Dundee and around Scotland on a daily basis. 

We defend the individual or organisation against criminal allegations. 

If someone finds themselves in difficulty with the police or other services, it is vitally important that legal advice is sought immediately. 

From the first investigation the individual is up against the resources of the state and we, at Duncan and McConnell Solicitors, are here to protect your rights and to provide advice enabling you to better understand and deal with any and every difficult situation.

In light of recent changes to the law, it is more important than ever to request a consultation with Duncan and McConnell Solicitors as soon as possible.

Whether you have been detained, or arrested, or are concerned about your situation, it is vital that you contact Duncan and McConnell Solicitors immediately. You must not discuss your position with anyone until you have contacted us. Please remember you can tell the police that you insist they contact Duncan and McConnell Solicitors on your behalf. We regularly attend police stations across Scotland 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Duncan and McConnell Solicitors are available at any time via telephone or email to provide initial advice free of charge. It is more important that you have the ability to contact someone who can give you professional and expert advice.