Road Traffic Offences

It is important to have a solicitor who knows, and is from, the local area. We are based and regularly appear in the courts in the north-east of Scotland.

In particular this includes road traffic matters in Dundee Sheriff Court, Forfar Sheriff Court and Perth Sheriff Court. This is key to fashion the best possible result as local legal customs do vary. This also has a positive effect in lowering the legal fees involved.

What do you want after being charged with a driving offence in Scotland?

▪ To keep your driving licence.
▪ To avoid disqualification under the totting up provisions when your driving licence is essential.
▪ Skilled and knowledgeable representation against driving offences in Scotland.
▪ To be represented and potentially deal with the road traffic matter in your absence.

Duncan and McConnell Solicitors are highly skilled in this technical area of law. We know that keeping your licence can be crucial to your livelihood and aim to provide a legal service to allow you to do exactly that. In road traffic cases we have defended individuals and acted on behalf of insurance companies in Dundee and throughout Scotland. We aim to secure acquittals based on technical and substantial deficiencies in the prosecution case. Duncan and McConnell Solicitors will give you the best chance of retaining your driving licence or limiting the imposition of penalty points or financial penalty.

Any driving contravention or conviction could put your licence in jeopardy and could lead to higher insurance premiums or even disqualification. Duncan and McConnell Solicitors can prepare and present a compelling argument to the court as to why that shouldn’t happen using the tools of Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship Proofs. These are technical hearings for which you should be legally represented. You may be eligible for Legal Aid and Assistance.

Duncan and McConnell Solicitors have helped many drivers in Dundee, Forfar, Perth and across Scotland.