Employment Rights

Duncan and McConnell Solicitors understand that being in employment and retaining that employment is now more important than ever.

Employment Law is technical and ever-changing. Duncan and McConnell Solicitors are here to provide straightforward advice in Employment law matters in Dundee and throughout Scotland. Each client has different requirements and expectations. It is our focus on the personal detail that sets us apart from other advice providers. Unlike a number of firms, we also offer legal aid in this area for those who qualify.

Unfair and Constructive Dismissal
The firm has dealt with numerous cases of unfair and constructive dismissal. We regularly appear at employment tribunals and have a wealth of experience in this area. To achieve success with such actions it is important to obtain advice as soon as the dismissal or resignation occurs. This will allow time for possible investigation and negotiation prior to the strict time limit.

Representation means that you will not have to worry about technical aspects of time limits and lodging of documentation allowing you to concentrate on what you want the outcome to be. Duncan and McConnell Solicitors are here to make sure everything possible is done to make that outcome a reality.

We understand at Duncan & McConnell Solicitors that you may be cautious of involving solicitors in your legal affairs due to the fear of incurring high legal costs. At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd you may be eligible for Legal Aid. We operate a Legal Aid system which will be discussed with you at your first consultation. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, all fees are to be discussed with you prior to any work carried out on your behalf. We operate a system which ensures you have control over the process before we undertake any work on your behalf.

Settlement Agreements / Compromise Agreements
Sometimes you can find yourself in a position where employer and employee are in agreement that in the particular circumstances it is in the best interests of both parties to come to a negotiated settlement. It is necessary and often obligatory that the employee obtains separate legal advice. Duncan and McConnell Solicitors are here to make sure that everything is concluded in the best interests of you. The agreements differ from individual to individual but certain areas and rights have to be protected.