Disqualification from driving and return of licence

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If you’ve faced a driving disqualification in Scotland, here’s what you need to know about restoring your driving licence:

Types of Disqualifications:

- Totting Up Bans: Accumulating 12 or more points on your driving record leads to a ‘totting up’ ban. The first ban is for 6 months, and subsequent ones within three years result in a 12-month ban.

- Discretionary Disqualifications: Courts can ban drivers based on the severity of the offence, regardless of their history.

- Obligatory Disqualifications: For serious offences (e.g., dangerous driving), the court has no option but to impose a ban of one year or more. Drink driving is also a good example of this.

Restoration Process:

You can petition the court to return your driving licence early but there is a minimum period you have to wait:-

  • If your ban is less than 4 years, you can apply after 2 years.
  • For anything longer than 4 years, you can apply after serving half the disqualification period

We will do another blog on the application process and what courts require as good evidence to win your case.