Written by
Kym Samson

Summer is over and its back to school. Summer holidays are usually a fun time for families and children. The return of children back to school or starting school after the summer holidays however can be a difficult time for many families.

As some children go back to school this week and others start school for the first time, this can mean heightened emotions if there is family conflict surrounding the child.  

At Duncan McConnell Solicitors Limited, we understand that every family situation is different. There innumerable scenarios when it comes to family and child conflict. For instance, it could be that one of the parents is not being allowed contact or not enough contact. However it doesn't end with the just the parents, arguments can involve grandparents, siblings or any family members.

What we have detailed below are some tips for families who find themselves caught up in a difficult situation on the recommencement of school and tips on how best to deal with it.

1.      If you find yourself in the difficult situation where you are estranged from your child, you should seek legal advice prior to attending your child’s school on the first day of school. You have to be aware that this may cause upset to a child and to other family members.

2.      Remain calm in any situation involving a child particularly if there are other family members present who you do see eye to eye with. Children can pick up on tension and it is important that you do not conduct yourself in a way which may have an impact upon a child’s emotional wellbeing, particularly during a child’s first day at school.

3.      We recommend that you do not react negatively in any situation where the child is present and that you simply leave the area if emotions are heightened.

4.      If the scenario in point 3 arises or if you are uncertain as to how to handle an upcoming situation involving a child attending school, you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

The above tips are a broad guideline for situations which may arise upon a child commencing school or attending school for the new school year. This is a very important day for children and for families. It is extremely important that these situations are handled very sensitively and take into account the best interests of the child which is the paramount consideration of the court.

If you find yourself in a particularly difficult situation regarding your child, your grandchild, your sibling, the child which you care for, we do strongly advise that you make contact with our office to arrange an appointment with our Miss Samson and her team.