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The COST of bad legal advice and the true BENEFIT of proper expert legal advice

The cost of bad legal advice is sometimes not just simply the financial cost but could also include reputation and lifestyle in general. Be aware the bigger the fee does not always mean the better the advice!
Doug McConnell Partner

Is January really divorce month?

At Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd we recognise that many couples who have decided to separate need support when dealing with the matter of divorce and separation. Divorce isn’t a happy occasion and we appreciate that contacting a solicitor regarding this matter can be a somewhat daunting process. If you are considering raising the issue of divorce and separation this year, I have outlined key steps that you should consider prior to meeting with a solicitor.
Kym Samson, Partner & Director of Family Law, Duncan & McConnell Solicitors Ltd.

Don't take things at face value.

Doug McConnell

Brief overview of Exceptional Hardship in Road Traffic law in Scotland.

Exceptional Hardship as tool to keep your driving licence. Expert advice allowing you to make sure you can protect your livelihood.
Doug McConnell

Keeping your driving licence

‍Panicking about gaining 12 penalty points and losing your driving licence. Watch our Doug McConnell explain there are ways to keep you on the road.

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